OmniJ 0.6.0 API

OmniLayer for Java: Omni Protocol support, Omni Core RPC client, Omniwallet REST client, Consensus CLI tool, and integration tests.

OmniJ is a Java/JVM implementation of the Omni Layer, an open-source, fully decentralized asset creation platform built on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The OmniJ project includes Spock tests of Bitcoin RPC and Omni Core RPC functions.

OmniJ Core: Defines core Omni types like OmniValue and CurrencyID.
Experimental classes for Omni-specific addresses.
OmniJ command-line Consensus Tool
Support for fetching and comparing Omni Protocol consensus data
JSON serializers, deserializers, and modules for OmniJ classes (uses Jackson)
(Plain-Old) Java Objects representing Omni Core JSON objects (uses Jackson annotations)
JavaMoney (JSR-354) support for OMNI and OmniLayer tokens
Configuration classes for Omni MainNet, TestNet, and RegTest networks.
Omni Layer network APIs that are common between JSON-RPC (Omni Core) and REST (OmniWallet).
Omni Core-based implementation of ConsensusService.
Omniwallet REST API base classes and abstract implementation of ConsensusService.
Omniwallet REST API (Plain Old) Java Objects (uses Jackson)
OmniwalletClient a Java 8/Android implementation of OmniwalletAbstractClient using the Square's Retrofit library.
Omni Core JSON-RPC client: OmniClient and supporting classes.
Omni RPC functional test support classes
Omni test support classes
Classes for creating Omni Protocol transactions: OmniTxBuilder and supporting classes.